zisk: \'zisk\ v [Czech] 1. advantage 2. to realize gain

zisk: \'zisk\ n [Czech] 1. profit or interest

However you define it, your business success relies on your ability to communicate effectively; verbally, visually or otherwise.

Electronic or print marketing communication, give us a try.
We just might zisk you!

zisk: \'zisk\ n [English] 1. a consortium of creative marketing professionals

Here at zisk, we have an interest in helping you with your marketing and communications. We are a consortium of accomplished partners offering a complete spectrum of services. From simple design projects to fully-integrated marketing communications support, our deliverables include:

  • Creative Concepting
  • Design, Layout & Production
  • Copywriting
  • Web Development & E-Marketing
  • Illustration & Photography
  • Corporate Branding & Identity
  • Strategic Planning & Project Management for Marketing & Public Relations
  • Multi-Media (including broadcast and video production)
  • Digital and Commercial Printing

"...the ability to manage a schedule is a trait rarely found in creative people.
zisk is a real find - I highly recommend.

- Tim Cool, Chief Solutions Officer at CoolSolutionsGroup.com